Qatar vs all other groups free betting tips and predictions 25.06.2019

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Pre-match information:

Date: on the 25th of June, 2019 (Tuesday)

Match start: 00:00 (GMT+1)

Tournament: Copa América. Group stage.

Qatar will participate in frames of the Copa America as non-member team and despite success that was gained some months ago when the team has managed to win the Asian Cup for the first time in the history, now they have few chances to repeat success on the South-American continent. To be precise – they have none.

The main problem of Qatar is attack. Even during the victorious Asian Cup they have been scoring goals with great difficulties and now this tournament has gathered the football clubs of higher level and their defense will be more reliable in general that will mean to Qatar big problems.

Before the Copa America they have spent only one friendly match and lost it to Brazil (0-2) that was enjoying the game. In group B which has Argentina and Colombia the same situation may happen. Qatar won’t probably be able to win over any of these teams playing from defense and relying only on counterattacks.

The only team with which it is possible to fight for the points is Paraguay but this won’t be enough to get into the ¼ final even from the third place. That is why, Qatar will finish its tournament’s battle on the 24th of June but of course, the experience that was gained on this Copa America will help Qatar during World Cup in three years.

Our tip: Qatar won’t leave the group