Safe financial betting strategies

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about the safest financial betting strategies that give you the right
to make mistakes and won’t lead to immediate loss of money in case
of one-time bad luck or even the series of failures.

Flat betting system

is the simplest and the smartest financial strategy. You define the
size of the bet ~2% from your bank, for example 20$ for 1000$ and do
not change it until the sum of money rises up to 25% (250$ for this
example). Details.

Bank charge

bet always one and the same percent of your gaming fund. With the
winnings the size of the bet increases and when you lose – it
decreases. I would call it a suboption of Flat betting system with
the adjustment to transient failures.

Fixed profit

bet in such a way that the winning from one bet is always the same.
The size of the bet is defined due to odds. For example, 5$. With the
odds 1.5 the bet will be 10, 2.8 – 2.78. The formula is:
bet=(winning you need) / (odds – 1).

Miller investment management

is the scientific name for an easy and understandable Flat betting
system, that was described in this article.

strategy is good for odds game that are closer to the probability 50
to 50%, i.e. bets with the odds 1.85-1.95 (bookmakers have different
margin). The
1-2% from

task is to be positive player and to guess more than half of the
outcomes. Usually, in order to be in plus it is necessary to win more
than 50% of bets with similar odds. When the bank increases on 25%,
the size of the bet increases also. This is the main divisiveness of
this financial strategy. When we increase the sum of the bet, we
increase also the possibility of loss.

example: I have turned 100% bank to make 125%. In case if I start to
mix winnings and losses I will lose in 20 bets 12.5% of my initial
bank of 100%. And now imagine that I have got the bad lines…

are rather high and the sum of bet in percentage ratio to bank is
small. Who can assess such a number of events? Who will gain so much
exclusive information? It is possible to talk about positive or
negative financial strategy only after at least 100 made bets. If you
are not going to assess anything and are only reading the odds, you
will gain 50 to 50% at the end. The problem is that the margin of the
bookmakers still exists and that means that you will be in minus. But
if you are able to stop, you will avoid great losses. But if no…
What are you doing then at gambling?

Kelly criterion

strategy was developed more than 50 years ago for stock exchange
speculations. The main point of this strategy is assess accurately
the chances for winning of the team or players and betting if you
consider that bookmaker is wrong – (odds) * (probability according
to you) >1.

is rather stable strategy that doesn’t allow to make money or to
lose money very quickly. While using this strategy you use the
percent of your current fund for bet making. Read more here:

dangerous financial betting strategies