About sports betting strategies

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Sports betting strategies

Sports bets are not only the mean of getting fun, satisfying hazard or just earning some money. This is a real science and if you really have decided to become a master you will have to study it well. When you are soaking step by step into the world of sports bets and start learning about different types of bets and about the generalbetting tendencies you are ready now to go further and take a close look at sports betting strategies.

If you think,thatthis article will propose youa supersports betting strategy or a “magic pill” that will guarantee you stable profit – you are wrong. You can’t know for sure what the best sports betting strategies are. Every strategy should be tested and every player can choose for himself the best arsenal of betting strategies. May be in course of time you will work out your secret sports betting strategy and successfully use it…Now let us speak about the most popular sports betting strategies.

Total betting strategy

Total bets are considered to be one of the simplest sports bets and that is why they are the most popular among betting fans. Remember, that total bet is the wager on combined number of scored points, goals, etc. For every kind of sport the betting strategy differs, but the main tendencies could be understood from the very beginning. Let us look at one of the most popular total betting strategies in football. Statistics of football matches allows us to declare that the first half usually ends in goalless draw. This phenomenon is easily explained by a variety of reasons: not warmed up enough players, they are not tired yet and that is why they do not make a lot of mistakes, the players try to draw the opponents and as a result – careful game, pussyfooting. That is why very often football players go for half time with a goalless draw. And here the weirdest thing happens. According to the above-mentioned statistics the number of football matches that end with goalless draw is only 8%. Consequently, after the goalless first half it does make sense to bet even over 1. Odds would be about 1.36-1.65. Usually, during the second half players change their tactics and play more active game, but even if only one goal would be scored, it will end with a push bet. But most probably you can expect winning.

Sure bet
betting strategy

Having learned the simple types of bets, you should pay your attention at sure bet betting strategy, known as arbitrage betting, safe bets. The main point is, that the bettor has maximum protection against financial losses by making bets on one and the same event, using few bookmakers but with different results. In Internet you can find a lot of worked out in advance schemes and sure bets strategies that give 100% guarantee of profit. So, why don’t all experienced bettors use only this strategy? The point is, that this strategy doesn’t allow winning more than 5% of general bet. Considering the fact that a lot of bookmakers restrict the upper bet limit, you will never win big money using sure bets. Today sure bets betting strategy take backseat as the modern technologies and mass media allow tracing the odds of competing bookmakers online. As a result, the odds differ slightly and while using sure bets betting strategy, you can only hope for mistakes and shortcomings of bookmakers.If you find out these weak points you are sure to provide yourself with small, stable and (the most important) guaranteed profit.

You can choose for yourself the most profitable sports betting strategies and use only them, or you can constantly be in progress and add into your arsenal new sports betting strategies.

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