Single bet (Money line)

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Single bet (Money line)

Starting the bettor career and submerging yourself into the world of sport bets you should first of all get acquainted with the simplest way of betting on money – single bet.

Single bet or Money line is the simple bet placed on result of one individual selection regardless of type of the bet (total, over/under and so on). The win on this bet is calculated as the product of odds of bookmaker on this selection and the bet amount….

For a beginner a single bet is an optimal variant to try hand in betting. All you need is to choose the selection with the most acceptable odds, type in a proper window the stake and confirm it.

You should understand the general tendencies in single bets. The more the possibility of win of favourite is, the less the bookmaker’s odd on the outcome would be. And consequently the win of an underdog will have great odd. Thus, if you have made outcome single bet (you bet on win of an underdog and he won) you can expect rather good profit.

Let us examine the single bet using the simple example. Football match Brazil- the Republic of Haiti. It is obvious that Brazil is an absolute favourite, that is why win odd would be indecently low. And if you bet on this outcome you will probably win. But you should remember, that bookmaker will never work in the red and your bet amount in this match could be equal to profit margin that each bookmaker takes from each bet.

For those who make only single bets and are looking for new ways of development, it is necessary to try the new level – multi bets which are the set of definite amount of single bets (Money line).