Successful Live betting

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Almost all major bookmakers offer their players to practice Live betting. This variant differs from the classical betting options as the coefficients are changing rather quickly. At the moment there are no well-defined strategies for this mode. Nevertheless, players try to use different strategies to achieve positive results.

One of the most popular strategies is the bet made on the favorite of the match, which in the course of game has missed a goal or has unsuccessfully started the match.

As a rule before the beginning of the game the bookmakers propose very low coefficient on the favorite of the match. And after the missed goal this coefficient can significantly increase and it will be wise to bet on it.

According to statistics, about 70% of matches are won by favorite, even if the beginning of the match was rather unsuccessful for the favorite. For example, Barcelona can lose for 15 minutes to Levante but can win with a score 3-1.

This strategy is perfect for many kinds of sport. It can be used not only for football but also for basketball where the stronger team loses the first quarter but then wins the match. In tennis favorites can also lose the first set but then can easily win other two.

The statistics tracing the way the game changes during the match can be very useful. There are a lot of teams and sports men who very often demonstrate unsuccessful start of the game but then they win.

In this case, don’t use this strategy only because the team is the favorite. With Live betting you need to analyze the course of the match and think over the further development of events.

Another effective strategy is the bet made on goals at the end of the match. Starting from the 75th minute of the football match the odds on the scored goal increase significantly.

Watching the match, you can try to predict whether there will be scored a goal in the last 15 minutes of the game. If at least one of the teams is determined to win and creates a lot of scoring chances, we recommend betting on scored goal.

If the character of the meeting shows that the results pleases both teams, then you can bet on the fact that no goals will be scored. Thanks to high coefficients you can win.

Often players who use Live betting try to earn money on surebets. The point is that the odds can vary greatly during the match.

Especially if we speak about tennis and volleyball where the coefficient on one team or player can be 1.2 and in a couple of minutes it can grow up to 2 or 3. In these sports the coefficients changes greatly, so you can try to catch surebets.


Sometimes the strategy is used, which presupposes the bet made on absence of draw result before the match.

Further after the start of the game when one of the teams scores a goal and the coefficient for draw outcome increases, this kind of bet is made. At the same time, the sum of the bet can ensure surebet.

With this approach after the scored goal a player can get a small win regardless of the match outcome.

For baseball fans an innings strategy can be used. The matter is that you need to bet on draws as innings often end with the score 0-0.

In this case the odds for this outcome rare usually about 1.8, so you can successfully combine your bets and win back other innings. But not all bookmakers accept bets on Live baseball betting.