Sweden vs Russia free betting tips and predictions 21.05.2019

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Pre-match information:

Date: on the 21st of May, 2019 (Tuesday)

Match start: 19:15 (GMT+1)

Tournament: Ice Hockey World Championship. Group stage.

The final match of the group stage of this championship will be held between Sweden and Russia.

Sweden has brought very strong squad to the championship though in the first game they have managed to lose to the Czech Republic with the score 2:5 and in general, Sweden though being good still experiences some gaming problems. For example, in a game with Italy, Sweden had some problems with conversion of moments and 6 goals have been scored during the 3rd period when Italy has got tired. It was not necessary to miss goals from Norway and Austria.

Russia as well as Sweden has managed to gather great squad if not to say the best in frames of this championship. In addition, on championship course we can see how the team of Ilya Vorobiev is improving its game and those links that were not effective had been exchanged on those that began to demonstrate more balanced game. Don’t forget about the power game and reliable game in defense with brilliant Andrei Vasilevskiy and Alexandar Georgiev is also reliable as well as the defense in general.

The game will surely be interesting. Bearing in mind the level of players the match can be either highly scoring or not, but almost for sure, Russia as a national team which seemed to be a little bit stronger before should win this match.

Our tip: Russia to win (with OT) – odds 1.8 bet365