The 5 rules of exit from losing streak

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is very naïve to believe that someone can have stable earnings based
on predictions by using bookmakers. If the player has made at least
30-40 bets, then he had to understand already that it is very
difficult to get profit from betting.

This work is really for
professionals. However even they have black strips. Bad luck is a
distinctive feature of betting. But what to do if a losing streak has
fairly taken longer? The best experts have built rules on how to get
off a black strip:

  1. Professional approach to the match analysis.

Any bet demands careful
assessment of probabilities and risks. The better the player will be
prepared for the prediction, the higher his chances are to get off
the losing streak.

It is necessary to analyze statistics of matches
of the rivals, history of their meetings, all strong and weak sizes
of the sportsmen, their physical and psychological condition, degree
of motivation and other additional factors (weather conditions,
conditions of a field, etc.).

2. The change of sport or tournament.

Not all players equally well
understand several sports at once. Thus, the situation when the bets
on one of the kinds of sports simply fail is quite probable.

Therefore it is important to analyze history of unsuccessful
predictions. If football and baseball bring losses more often than
profit, then they are recommended to be excluded from the betting

Similar cases with particular tournaments are possible. For
example, the player constantly loses predictions on Euro League. So
why does he continue to bet on it? If the football Champions League
brings a large income, then it is better to focus on it.

3. Emotional stability.

After a number of failures many players start to
make unreasonable bets. As a result they suffer heavy losses, even
higher than earlier.

Especially this is true if we speak about
hazardous people or those who make predictions with emotional

The getting off a black strip demands the increased
concentration, cold blood, well-considered decisions. Only cold
calculation will help to break the losing streak.

4. The number of bets.

In a case of a long series of failures it is
recommended to reduce the number of predictions to a minimum. It is
necessary to bet only if the player is confident in an outcome. At
this stage it is important to avoid too big coefficients.

5. It is necessary to stop using predictions for some time.

If all
above-mentioned rules haven’t helped to get off the losing streak,
then it is necessary to cease betting some time.