The football betting strategies for freshers

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Football is the most popular sport in the world, therefore, it is better for the freshers to place bets on football matches. The matter is that bookmakers offer not only high odds but also wide action lines on such sports events. That way it is possible to use successfully the different football betting strategies and to earn good money. We propose to your attention several methods that will suit freshers best of all.

Draw betting

Bookmaker offices propose odds not only due to the probability of the team’s win. The task of analysts is in building predictions what will most of the players choose to place a bet on. In the case of football betting, the majority of players prefers to place the bet on the victory of one of the teams while the draw is not very popular.

However, in practice draw is not as rare as it seems to be and the majority of bettors usually underestimate this option. Therefore, football betting can show overestimated odds on the draw. Most often such outcome is seen in:

  • friendly matches — for coaches and football players such events aren’t crucial, therefore teams don’t play to full potential;
  • at the end of the season when the teams from the middle of the table meet with each other. Such clubs don’t have to score points anymore as they will definitely not be knocked out from the championship but at the same time, they can’t get into the zone of Euro cups.

Experienced bettors, using such football betting strategy prefer to place a bet on a system. Such an approach is much better as allows to minimize all risks. For this purpose, we choose 3-5 matches in which there are high chances for the draw.

However, such a strategy has its shortcoming. It will suit only those players who are good at football. This method presupposes continuous studying of statistics and overviewing of last games.

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Total betting

The bet on the quantity of the scored goals in the match is one of the most desired offers in the action line. Not only freshers but also professional players are actively using it. However, for successful use of this strategy, it is necessary to understand the sport well.

We propose you to get acquainted with several tips which will help to earn on football betting:

  1. Statement games.

Most often the goals are scored when each team needs the victory and the draw won’t please any team. In these cases, there is a probability that the game will be more aggressive and both parties will run risks and will begin to attack more often. This is true also for derbies.

In order to choose such matches, you have to study out not only the position of the team in standings but also the history of head-to-heads. Besides, knowledge of history will also help with football betting. For example, professional players know that Real Madrid is the key rival of Barcelona therefore in this match there will always be a large number of dangerous moments and the scored goals.

  1. Friendly matches.

It is the most difficult game to predict. The problem is that the teams can easily end the match with the score 0-0 or 4-4 therefore in the case of total betting strategy it will be wise to avoid friendly matches.

If you learned to make exact football betting predictions, then test your strength with the range of the scored goals, for example, 0-1, 2-4 and so on. Almost all bookmakers offer similar options, especially in the popular championships and leagues. Such football bet is more risky, however unlike total betting but its coefficient is much higher.

The most difficult strategy is considered to be the bet on the exact score in the match. Such bet will be good for real professionals in the betting. You should remember that you have to understand that it is risky as only experts can predict the exact score football betting.

Half Time

Ordinary people who don’t like to study statistics of the matches, don’t know that the HT is less productive than the second. However, you have to consider this information in football betting as it will help us to outplay the bookmaker even more often.

The effectiveness is in most cases is connected with the fact that as the match progresses sportsmen got tired and lose concentration. As a result football players of the defense make more mistakes, therefore, it is easier for the forward to convert the scoring chance. Use this information in football betting to find so-called value betting.

The bookmaker, according to the statistics, defines that goal probability in the HT is low therefore the coefficient of the bet on such event is rather high. Our task is to find the match, in which there are good chances to score the goal in the HT. It often occurs in the following cases:

  • the favorite of the championship is playing against the underdog;
  • one of the teams’ key full guards is substituted;
  • both clubs prefer aggressive football, etc.

Half-time/full-time strategy

Yellow cards betting

Almost in each game football players violate rules and bookmakers in turn offer users to place a bet on a number of yellow cards. Most often there is total over and under in action lines. Let us propose you study out how to use them in betting strategies.

At first, we have to say that the championships have their own features. The most “hot” football can be seen at English championships, therefore, local referees give the chance to fight for the ball during the match and don’t give yellow cards left and right. Therefore EPL usually sees no more than 2-3 yellow cards.

There is absolutely different situation in other popular championships. For example, in La Liga, referees sometimes punish players even for small fouls, therefore, the number of yellow cards is usually higher.

The probability to earn the yellow card increases when the teams from the different championships meet in Euro cups. However, if you prefer such a method of football betting you need to study out not only the history of head-to-heads but also to review the last matches of this referee.

Martingale betting system

As we have already told you about the strategies which demand from the player experience and ability to make predictions. However, there is one method in football betting which will suit those who have never placed the bet before and do not understand the sport. Martingale betting system has appeared in casino for the first time, however, it can be used successfully football betting. All you have to do is to follow several rules:

  1. We place a bet on football with an odds higher than 2.
  2. In case you lost, the size of the bet is increased twice.
  3. In case you won, we return the initial size of the bet.

It is the simplest football betting method for freshers as the player must not be experienced in gambling.

Martingale Betting System


And what safe strategies do you use? Share your experience football betting with other readers. Help other users to start earning on betting and to find the best approach to the bet.