The safe betting strategy of the tipsters has been unmasked

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The amateurs from professionals in betting are differentiated not by the size of the made bets and the betting strategy but by the approach to betting. tipsters are not interested in any systems and strategies and do not use paid bets.

They simply make value bets on sport events. But we can’t say that it is very simple. For ordinary players this is practically mission impossible.

What does term “value in betting” mean? This is a difference in bets which is proposed on definite outcome by bookmakers and tipsters.

It is a known fact that every professional is seriously analyzing all prematch information, including statistics. On the ground of evaluation of probabilities, he creates his quotation line.

After this, he compares it with the line proposed by bookmaker. If the coefficients proposed by the latter are more profitable, that is, higher than he has created, he will make large bet.

Otherwise, professionals won’t be able to win such crazy money from bookmakers.

If all bets are value bets, even several failures in a row are not a problem. Tipster will still win due to the difference in coefficients. Some inexperienced tipsters consider that they are also able to make such “right” bets.

They are quickly looking through statistics and create their own quotation line, supporting it with personal sympathies. Then they compare it with the line proposed by bookmaker and make bets.

The plan of actions is similar. But they still suffer one loss after another. Why? Because the player has made mistakes in analyzing the forthcoming match.

There is no place to sympathies or hypothesis in betting. The choice of bets should be based only on thorough analysis of statistics and all other information which can be found about the rivals.

The interviews made by sportsmen and coaches and official posts in social networks, the news about traumas, financial state and so on should be used. But all this information should be taken from official sources.

After hours-long analysis the players may be confident in his line of coefficients. But still, freshers should avoid such way as it involves troubles.

Well-experienced players become the professionals in betting. The quality of value bets increases also.