West Bromwich– Chelsea free betting tips and predictions 18.11.2017

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Premier League

start: 16:00 (GMT+1)

realities of the modern football club Chelsea demonstrate that
starting with Carlo Ancelotti (2009-2011) any specialist wasn’t
able to spend more than two seasons at Stamford Bridge regardless of
previous titles and regalia.

last 6 years that have passed since the dismissal of Ancelotti only
José Mourinho has been working for 30 months. But the current head
coach of Chelsea Antonio Conte has already declared (6 month before
ending of the current season) that he wanted to quit.

by Sir Alex

is no need to tell once again that the neglectful attitude of the
football team’s bosses towards the work of the head coach is
leading only to destabilizing results and characteristic defeat.

two bright examples- antipodes
in these questions are Italian Palermo and English Manchester United.
Where is now Sicilian club with his odious president Maurizio
Zamparini, who was used to change his head coaches several times per
season? But the name of Sir Alexander Ferguson, who was the manager
of MU for 27 years (1986-2013), is iconic in the history of English
and world football.

for one hour

The bosses of Chelsea have to understand and to realize this simple
thought, Chelsea will be seen as the team that is capable only for
temporary success. By the way, in spring 1993 Sir Alexander Ferguson
had returned to the Mancunians the Champion’s title only by the
results of the 7th
season thanks to intense and stable work.

what is happening with Chelsea? After two Champion’s titles (2015,
2017), next seasons were unsuccessful with logical dismissal of the
coach-champion. As a result, the hosts of Stanford once again are
back to square one…


to new 12 round the defending champion of England is taking only the
place, The difference in points between the teams of Antonio Conte
and the only leader of Manchester City is 9 points (22 against 31).

the champion is facing very difficult away meeting against West
Bromwich (16th
place, 10 points). For many years the team of Anthony Pulis is famous
for “special hospitality” even for grandees and favorites of EPL.
And that is why, now it is wise to bet against the favorite.

Bromwich – 5.50, draw – 4.20, Chelsea – 1.55;


West Bromwich (Asian handicap +1) – odds 1.93 SBOBET