When it is beneficial to place a bet on underdog in tennis?

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Underdog betting can be considered to be a very hard type of prediction as it is not always logical. But all are attracted by high coefficients, which is from 3 and higher. How to choose the best conditions for underdog betting? Let us look at several simples tips.

The week before Grand Slam

The Grand Slam Tournaments are the most important tennis tournaments and before them, some tennis players can rest. Respectively, at that time, they are more inclined to failures as they are not playing to full potential. Bookmakers still offer them small coefficients.

First matches of the tournament

It is better to place a bet on underdogs in the first rounds of the tournaments while it is not possible to make head or tail out of it even to bookmakers. There is a higher chance to find a small sensation.

Too long and hard schedule

If the tennis-player is spending exhausting matches almost every day and it is obvious that he is not in his best physical condition, then even initially weaker rival can fight with such an exhausting favorite.

Tournaments without special value

Here it is necessary to bear in mind the factor of motivation. As a rule, top players do not want to play in their full potential in frames of not very important tournaments. Respectively, their chance to lose increases.

Use your gaming experience in order to determine the matches in which underdog’s betting is possible.