Why is betting while TV watching not successful?

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People who are making bets in bookmakers offices (no matter where they are made) always make them because of two reasons. They are dreaming of earning some money and benefit or they don’t think about money and are playing just for fun.

Often handicappers got confused in these categories and begin to delude themselves. They think that they are growing into professional gamblers but on the contrary, they just entertain themselves. For example, the bright example of such event is betting while watching TV programs.

Such players are recommended to define their kind of activity in order not to lose a lot of money. Thus, the player should divide his bankroll fifty-fifty and deposit these sums of money on two different accounts in different bookmakers.

One account is designed for making predictions while watching TV programs and another account – for more complicated purposes, that is for bets that will be made after analytical activity and unprejudiced decisions.

The methods of bankroll management for each of these accounts will be specific, as one of the bankrolls will be full of “emotions” and another – will not. The accurate approach to your bankroll management is the key element (to be precise, one of the key elements) of successful sports betting as many tipsters are circling down the drain because of their doubtful approach to bankroll management.

Sports betting, as well as any other sphere of investment, cannot do with light-headed attitude to money if the player wants, of course, to gain some profit. Don’t be afraid of admitting the fact that you are making bets not for money but in order to whet the appetite.

This is normal and it is called gambling. But if the player wants to become professional gamblers, then bets made while watching TV programs should be excluded.